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I’m Lindsey, I’ve been designing websites since 2005!

I created this theme to work for absolutely anybody. Everything is customizable, everything is easily changed to suit your needs! xo Linz

Build Your List

Guess what’s still super important all of these years later? Building Your List! Remember when people relied solely on social media for free marketing? Don’t get caught in that trap! Take control of your business by building your email list using a service like ConvertKit! (what I use and love!)

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This is your home on the web

17 years ago I taught myself how to build websites because there were not any feminine WordPress themes available, and I wanted my blog to be a reflection of my personal taste. I was inviting people into my metaphorical, digital living room and the decor was unacceptable. Your website is your home on the web, does it reflect your personality and the vibe you want to give your visitors?